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Brambles Takes the Top Spot as the Most Sustainable Company Globally

Brambles, a supply chain logistics company, received the highest score in the Dow Jones Barron’s sustainability ranking, rated as the most sustainable company globally.

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Brambles operates in approximately 60 countries primarily through the CHEP brand.

Brambles’ circular business model facilitates the share and reuse of the world’s largest pool of reusable pallets and containers. This enables Brambles to serve its customers while minimizing the impact on the environment and improving the efficiency and safety of supply chains around the world. Brambles’ platforms form the invisible backbone of the global supply chain, primarily serving the fast-moving consumer goods, fresh produce, beverage, retail and general manufacturing industries, helping its customers cut waste and emissions from their own processes.

Graham Chipchase, CEO at Brambles said, “We are very proud to receive this recognition. Sustainability is at the core of our business because our circular model saves natural resources, and helps eliminate waste and carbon emissions. These issues are more important to our customers than ever before.”

“Our share and reuse model uses the power of cooperative networks to unlock collaboration opportunities that eliminate empty transport miles, save costs and are simply not available through other solutions. We believe that business has a key role in shaping a sustainable future and we look forward to sharing our sustainability vision for 2025 later this year.”

How Brambles’ Creates Sustainable Supply Chains
Using Life Cycle Assessment studies that compare reusable platform solutions to single use alternatives, Brambles can determine the environmental benefits they deliver throughout their customers’ supply chains. In 2019, this totalled 2.0 million metric tons of CO2, 1.3 million metric tons of waste and 2,600 megaliters of water. And the efforts don’t stop there:

99.7% wood used by Brambles is from certified sources; 60% of all electricity used is from renewable sources; and it also seeks to actively contribute to a better workplace for its employees and better communities worldwide. The company has also been working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other major brands on Circulytics, a new digital tool which accurately measures circularity and supports a company’s transition towards the circular economy, regardless of industry, complexity and size.

Brambles’ business is built on principles that are inherently sustainable. With Barron’s ranking, Brambles is recognized as the most sustainable company globally in 2020 and will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. More information about Brambles’ sustainability vision, 2020 goals and 2019 Sustainability Review is available here.

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