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Wal-Mart buyers' blogs

Wal-Mart buyers have their own blogs…is there something here for you to know?

The answer, in short, is maybe. But if that's intriguing enough, read on…

With the proliferation of blogs, bloggers, and blogging, it seems that everyone has a "voice" these days. And while not all blogs are worth reading or even checking out, many are, including the bloggers at That's because these bloggers are from a very select and powerful industry group: Wal-Mart buyers. And they apparently have some freedom in what the write about.

At the site, you can choose from among five channels: Gadgets, Gaming, Lawn & Garden, Movies, and Sustainability.

Sustainable advice

The blogs are primarily product-related, though some touch on packaging. Rand Waddoups, the "Author For Sustainability," keystroked this in an early 2008 blog:

"The crazy thing is that both of these environmentally friendly products work better than their counterparts because of their earth-friendly ingredients. How much more powerful would it be if the package touted the power of citrus to strip even tough paint away, or the effectiveness of natural oils that adhere to the bugs to make sure they’ll die?
Now, no matter what kind of consumer I am, green or otherwise, I’ll buy that.

"And, one example that I think will do it right…SunChips. [Frito-Lay] has purchased enough solar power to produce all their SunChips, and now, SunChips are imbued with the power of the sun. That’s right, the brand of snack that appeals to women looking for healthier alternatives, the brand that already has a fresh and positive halo, becomes even more persuasive when they are truly the chip made by the sun."

Packaging World published two items last fall about Sunchips and Frito-Lay's purchase of carbon offsets, which are touted on the snack's bags: a news item on the announcement (see SunChips packs boast Green-e logo), and analysis of this development by consultant Sterling Anthony (see Leveraging 'green' as an on-package marketing tool).

Back to Waddoup's blog: "So, what products are out there doing it right or wrong? Let me know, I’d love to learn what you think."

Waddoup, like all the Wal-Mart bloggers, solicits feedback. This is posted as well, as are the buyers' pictures, which is helpful.

Anyway, thought you'd like to know; if you don't have direct access to a Wal-Mart buyer, this blog site may be worth checking out.

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