Stretch wrapper - 180 to 200 loads/hour

Lantech engineers asked customers what they wanted most in their stretch wrappers. They took their suggestions and built a machine that includes: High production speeds, 99% uptime with no film breaks, good load appearance with no film tails, consistent, precise load containment, and an operator-friendliness.

The RS-6000 20-second stretch wrapping system provides 180-200 loads/hour. The RS-6000 Ring-Straddle ™ design introduces a unique and patent-pending film delivery system capable of wrapping loads with 50-ga film, pre-stretched 250% or more without film breaks. The new pre-stretch head and speeed wrap get film onto the load so quickly that almost all film recovery (the film trying to "unstretch" itself) occurs on the load, resulting in high-containment force and reduced film use. Machine is built with an integrated RFID tag reading capability.
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