Bottom loader

The Bottom Loader from Sabel can pack any product into standard top open style cases at speeds of up to 15 cases/min.

Incoming product is collated in the proper pack pattern. The load is then moved to the elevator platform. A flat case is selected from the case magazine by the case select vacuum cups where it is pre-opened by the action of these opposing cups. Front vacuum cups erect case and position it directly above the elevator platform. The entire load is then elevated into the case through its open bottom. The bottom inner flaps are folded as the filled case is pushed free of the elevator platform. As the case moves through the sealing section, the remaining flaps are folded and the case is sealed using p-s tape or hot-melt glue. The case is then discharged for palletizing. Machine is equipped with a rugged stainless-steel construction, compact footprint, large capacity, easy-to-load case magazine, servo technology, optional automatic pad insertion, quick changeover, and advanced diagnostic packages. It can run both RSC cases and HSC trays.
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