Horizontal MAP System

At Pack Expo 2006 in Chicago, Ilapak demonstrated its Delta 3000 HSR horizontal wrapping machine.

The Delta 3000 HSR is the "inverted" version of the 3000 HS, in which the film is fed from the bottom, a requirement for some products. It is designed for applications requiring robust and reliable hermetic seals with laminated and co-extruded barrier films and high-speed throughput. It is a flexible flowrapping machine ideally suited for a range of food and non-food industries, with throughput speeds of up to 150 ppm, with or without MAP. Its main features include PC-controlled electronic multi-axis technology, variable cut-off length, no product/no bag, misplaced product detection system and automatic size-change functions.

Maximum product dimension is 14" L x 6" W. Four AC motors control infeed, rollers, jaws, film feed - there are additional motors with automatic feeders. Machine is equipped with 64 programs, automatic product size change, integrated temperature control, film tensioning and power unwind system controlled by loadcell, misplaced product detection system, and more. Machine is rubust, hygienic, and easy-to-clean with stainless-steel construction.

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