Medium-speed, vertical case packing

Video shows drop packer handling a wide range of container and package types, including glass, plastic, cans and paperboard in round and non-round configurations.

The Hartness Model 835 Flex raises the standard for flexibility and reliability in medium speed, vertical case packing. Engineered versatility is the heart of the system. The machine’s broad options package gives it the flexibility to handle a wide range of container types, shapes and materials. Glass, plastic, cans and paperboard in round and non-round configuration, and ranging in size from 2 ounces to 2 1/2 gallons, are all easily handled in the Model 835 Flex. Depending on size, containers can be packed in multiple tray or case configurations for increased throughput speed. An integrated high speed laner option ensures integrated responsibility for the laning and conveying of difficult shaped bottles. The air transfer option allows for the case packing of a variety of difficult shaped containers including reverse tapered bottles, flasks, chimed cans, and trigger bottles.

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