Senzani's ROBO.CASE drops the pouch, never the ball

Senzani Group's ROBO.CASE/V15 is a robotic vertical case packing system. ROBO.PICK/SC is a robotic palletizer. Both utilize ELAU robotic control and servo solutions. The combined end-of-line system was on display at interpack.

The ROBO.CASE/V15 gently packs delicate products that previously had to be hand-packed, thanks to smooth accelerations and decelerations solved by ELAU technology.

The case packer's integral 3-axis robot picks product from a dedicated infeed unit and packs at up to 100 packs per minute. Cases are picked from the magazine and set up by means of a pneumatic cylinder, then fed by an integrated servo driven transfer system that keeps the case squared. The case stops under the filling station, where two rails fold the minor bottom flaps.

The operator has easy access to all case conveying and sealing systems. Quick-lock devices, hand wheels and counters assure quick size changeovers.

The interpack system packed 2 rows of 7 doy packs (free standing pouches) of mayonnaise, 2 rows at a time, for a total of 28 packs per case. Cases were then closed, taped and transferred to the palletizer.

ROBO.PICK/SC (not shown in video) takes advantage of ELAU's robotic library, making it easy to program palletizing patterns with different pallet layers. And there is plenty of memory for multiple handling programs in the ELAU automation controller. Palletizing robot can pick up to 30 kg at one time, single or multiple items.

A second pallet station is available to allow continuous operation when a pallet needs to be changed out. The station can also be used as a magazine for slip sheets or empty pallets. Loaded pallet removal can be manual, semiautomatic or completely automated.
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