Economical upgrade from hand palletizing

In this video from A-B-C Packaging see the production benefits of this palletizer.

The Model 72SA palletizer is an easy upgrade from hand palletizing…eliminating bending, lifting, and high insurance costs.  Cases feed from any direction for top flexibility, and the small footprint saves floor space. This case palletizer does all the work of lifting cases and stacking the pallet.  The operator simply positions the cases into the pallet pattern by sliding them from the infeed conveyor onto the loading table. Once the pallet layer is completed, the operator simply activates the machine either by footpad or push-button.  The layer is automatically lifted and placed squarely upon the previous layer, and the transfer table returns to the start position for the next layer. If your needs change, the model 72SA can easily upgrade to automatic palletizing.

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