Polypack's integrated handle wrap offers new opportunities for retail packs

New video from Polypack, Inc. highlights the benefits of HandleWrap™ technology.

Polypack's HandleWrap™ uses a completely different approach to creating a convenient carrying handle for retail packs. Polypack's HandleWrap™ is not to be confused with the tape carrying handles of the past. The HandleWrap™ film is run inline with the bundle's shrink film, so there is no need for secondary equipment, tapes, or tape applicators. HandleWrap™ fuses with the bundle's shrink film, which makes for an extremely strong carrying handle that can support the weight of heavy bundles. The HandleWrap™ remains completely inside the pack until it is used and there is no chance of it tearing off during stacking or use. Polypack's patented HandleWrap™ can use clear, colored, or random pattern printed film for the handle.

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