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Conveyor Loader for Sliced Foods

ELCAT's conveyor loaders ensure the rapid, precise, and hygienic transfer of food portions into thermoformer molds or trays for tray sealing, all without human contact.


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ELCAT’s conveyor loaders are engineered to handle a diverse range of sliced foods, including bacon, cold cuts, cheese slices, tortillas, liver portions, steaks, and many others.

Designed to meet specific capacity needs, ELCAT’s loaders seamlessly integrate with the layout of the customer’s premises and can be tailored to accommodate all slicers and thermoforming machines on the market.

ELCAT’s loaders, upon receiving portions from slicers, can automatically re-arrange them into the precise pattern requested by the thermoforming machine, thanks to diverting, aligning, and accelerating modules.

Irrespective of the method of portion delivery, specialized modules enable rotation, overlapping, or shaving of portions to optimize their presentation in trays.

Featuring a modular design, these loaders effortlessly incorporate future enhancements, thus maximizing efficiency.

Our design emphasizes easy access to the packaging machine, minimizing downtime, and ensuring thorough sanitation of every part of the equipment.

Elcat Cheese

Overlapping Modules

Conveyor loaders can incorporate customizable overlapping modules specifically engineered for the automated overlay of slice shingles.

Our patented programmable set of overlappers gives users the flexibility to adjust the positioning of portions, facilitating the creation of various recipes on the same production line with a single click.

Robot Modules

Our loaders are adaptable to incorporate robotic systems capable of rotating food portions before filling trays.

These robots streamline the handling of a variety of cuts, each necessitating unique orientations from the same slicer, such as prosciutto and salami, all within a unified production line.

Party Tray Lines

Our party-tray antipasto lines streamline the loading of various products in each tray, including deli meats, cheese slices, or other food portions, into each tray or thermoformer mold.

Watch ELCAT’s solutions in action.

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