Cleated Incline Trough-style Belt Conveyor

Multi-Conveyor built a stainless-steel cleated incline trough-style belt conveyor designed to transport product waste to a customer supplied hopper.

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Cleated Incline Slider Bed Trough Conveyor For Product Waste By Multi Conveyor High Res

The 24 in. wide belts feature 2 in. high flights every 8 in. that capture and incline the debris up to 50 in. on the incline. The product releases through a series of discharge chutes - one initial chute and a requested secondary chute.

An additional safety feature on Multi-Conveyor’s cleated incline trough-style belt conveyor includes reducer drip pans to catch foreign product from contaminating the floor. Overlapped pans are hooked on for easy removal and cleaning, with a separate drip pan placed at the base.

Simple hand valves control the CIP (clean-in-place) spray system. Wash down duty motor and reducers, high-grade stainless steel and corrosion resistant inserts, and appropriate guarding built-in.

Facilitating expedient, operator safe handling of product waste was key to this project, however, the cleated incline conveyor design is used in many industries for a variety of applications.
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