Tishma Technologies: Horizontal cartoner

Model TI-600 horizontal cartoner from Tishma Technologies packs bag-in-box, pouches, long goods pasta, blisters, gum, stick pouches, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and various other products.

Horizontal cartoner
Horizontal cartoner

All machines can accommodate tuck or glue style cartons, have quick and easy changeover and are very operator friendly. Cartoners can handle traditional carton styles or creative styles such as 5thpanel carton, hexagon shaped carton, trapezoid shaped carton, multi-cell carton, flip-top carton, shaker-top carton, reverse fold carton, gable-top carton, and others.

Options include automatic product transfer and collating devices, extended article bucket conveyors, coupon placers, product confiners, code debossers or printers, central lubrication, washdown, and HMI touchscreens.

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