AFA Systems: Intermittent motion stick pack cartoner

The MK-STK Intermittent motion stick pack cartoner from AFA Systems has the ability to handle any product count with its innovative SUBO pick, group, and place tooling system.

Pw 53363 Mk Stk Intermittent Motion Stick Pack Cartoner

The system also features the patented Sure-Load Carton Closing System. This system ensures product counts remain in the carton during machinery indexing. It features a small footprint and Allen Bradley control system. the MK-STK can ensure high packaging efficiency with your stick pack applications.

The MK-STK utilizes a Nordson ProBlue Glue system to ensure accurate glue application on flaps. In addition, the MK-STK can easily integrate with existing or new end user Stick Pack machines.

Numerous options are available including:  all Servo Changeover capability, which can achieve three dimensional changeovers in under five minutes; remote diagnostic capabilities for troubleshooting; Nordson FulFill Adhesive System which ensures long, uninterrupted operation; and Prebreak Rotary Feeder to handle square cartons.

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