A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.: High-level bulk depalletizer

A-B-C’s easy-to-install Model 108HL high-level bulk depalletizer provides reliable, flexible depalletizing: smoothly transfering containers from the pallet stack, and sweeping them gently onto a high-level discharge conveyor at speeds up to 4 layers/min.

Pw 50924 A B C High Level Depalletizer

The Model 108HL offers the flexibility to run plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, or composite containers interchangeably with no change parts. It can automatically remove and stack picture frames, tier sheets, inverted trays, and pallets. The Model 108HL’s rugged design and quality production features help ensure gentle container handling and quiet operation.  Because the pallet remains stationery during depalletizing, there is no risk of pallet instability. Features to ensure positive container handling include four containment devices, and a tier-sheet stabilizer, plus a precision chain and sprocket sweep mechanism that maintains container stability even when depalletizing lightweight containers. The Model 108HL offers discharge elevations up to 144-in.  A low-level model is also available with discharge height to 36-in.


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