A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.: Case packer runs shrinkwrapped multipacks of bakery items & snack products

A-B-C’s Model 800 case packer gently handles shrinkwrapped multi-packs of bakery items and snack products and provides automatic product accumulation, case erecting, packing and sealing in one machine--up to 25 cases/min.

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The Model 800 also offers many variations in packing patterns and product feeds, and incorporates features for gentle product handling to eliminate scuffed overwraps or damaged graphics.  Each product load is stacked in a specially designed accumulation section that is tailored for the product.  After accumulation, the entire load is transferred through collapsible funnel gates that open into the erected case, for smooth product transfer that maintains maximum package integrity. 

Equipped with A-B-C’s standard features to increase line productivity including: a heavy gauge steel frame that is welded and bolted for strength; combination pneumatic/mechanical operation that provides the precision of mechanical motion and the security of easy release simply by dumping the air supply; plus electrically interlocked gull-wing guard doors that stop the machine and release air when they are opened and simple change parts and crank adjustments for running a variety of case sizes. 


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