Premier Tech Chronos: Robotic palletizing cell

Premier Tech’s Robotic Palletizing Cell is a flexible palletizing system that provides a variety of grippers for palletizing bags, boxes, bundles, cases, cans, pails, drums, trays, totes, and more.

Pw 39412 Premier Tech Palletizing Cell Bags

This heavy-duty robotic cell can simultaneously gather up to four different incoming product lines. It can also be configured to fit in tighter layouts to palletize one incoming product.  At speeds of up to 28 units/min. (single robot) and up to 40 units/min. (dual robots in the same space area), robots are custom-programmed for each unique layout.  An option that eliminates manual adjustments for bag size changeover is available. This feature allows the robot to automatically adjust the gripper opening when changing bag size.  Robots can also use a vision system to recognize units to provide “intelligent” palletizing and de-palletizing.


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