Axon: Low-cost steam tunnel

The ThermoJet heat-shrink steam tunnel from Axon, powered by Pro Mach, is an innovative steam heat-shrink tunnel that provides the benefits of steam, but at a price similar to standard convective-heat tunnels.

Pw 30089 Webaxon

The heat-shrink tunnel features a large heat zone where 2 steam manifolds and multi-position mandrels direct steam for optimum shrinkage of a label, sleeve, or tamper band.  Comes equipped with a cantilevered stand that facilitates moving the tunnel between packaging lines. Accommodates containers 1- to 7.75-in. in diameter. Maximum container height is 12 in. ThermoJet steam tunnels are 60-in. long, 30-in. wide, and are fabricated from #304 stainless steel. 

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