Douglas Machine Inc: Servo-driven cartoner

Using all-servo technology, the Vectra™ Cartoner from Douglas Machine is a heavy-duty, mid- to high-speed cartoner handling up to 300 cartons/min.

Pw 2380 Webdouglas
Servo-driven technology ensures product control in all machine phases from infeed to discharge. Servo operation at the point of motion ensures overload protection at all machine functions. The live servo-driven flap tuckers and compression offer tuck or glue for a wide range of carton styles. Menu-driven servo adjustments and precise screw adjustments result in more efficient and precise changeovers. Provides either continuous or intermittent motion operation.  Handles a variety of plant conditions from dry, wet to hostile washdown environments.  Easy to clean, sanitize and maintain.  The Vectra rounds out the company’s product line of secondary packaging solutions. 
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