Brenton, a division of Pro Mach: Brenton, a division of Pro Mach: New Currie by Brenton LLP palletizer offers flexible, heavy duty solution

New Currie by Brenton, Booth S1058, LLP low level infeed palletizer offers customers a heavy-duty, medium speed palletizer with the flexibility to accommodate multiple pack patterns, plant layouts, and pallet types.

Pw 3003 Brentonllppalletizer

The LLP machine palletizes more than 20 cases per minute onto GMA or CHEP pallets and is available in a right or left hand parallel infeed configuration. It also accommodates side load or end load pallet dispensers. A user-friendly HMI allows customers to program additional pack patterns without factory field service. The LLP’s modular provides an economic solution not typically found in heavy duty, flexible palletizers. The modular design also allows the entire machine to be shipped in a single sea container or semi-trailer.  Design includes important safety features, such as a framed guard door package, CAT II safety circuits and muting light curtains. With the optional muting light curtains on the discharge and pallet hopper, the CAT II safety meets the requirements of the most stringent safety programs. CAT III safety is also available as a low cost option. “The new line of Currie by Brenton palletizers builds on more than six decades of experience building heavy-duty, reliable, easy-to-use palletizers. While offered at a modest cost, the LLP will provide many years of reliable service. In fact, many Currie palletizers are still in operation after forty years of service,” says Troy Snader, Brenton Sales Vice President. “We look forward to showing our customers the new LLP.”

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