Pregis Corporation: Cushioning dispensing machine

Pregis’s HC AutoFlow™ unit automatically separates (at the perforation) the hybrid cushioning material created by the AirSpeed HC and places it into a bin or shipping carton for easy dispensing.

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The HC AutoFlow improves material management and delivery by pre-calculating desired lengths and programming them into the unit. A flat, perforated rollstock is mounted onto the AirSpeed unit, which creates the rows of small air-filled pockets as the air is transferred between the individual chambers. Three different cell heights are available: small (3/4-inch), medium (1-inch) and large (1 1/4-inches). The film is available in pre-perforated lengths at either 6- or 12-inch increments. The HC AutoFlow has been engineered to automatically ‘read’ the perforation line, so it knows exactly where to tear the hybrid cushioning apart.
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