Latest Adabot™ adds capabilities

Fallas Automation’s latest robotic case packer for flexible packages offers wider payload range, stainless washdown construction, lets operators build pick recipes.

The Fallas Adabot case packer can handle 5 lb. payloads at up to 40 cpm in addition to 2 _ lbs. at up to 60 cpm and cpm.
The Fallas Adabot case packer can handle 5 lb. payloads at up to 40 cpm in addition to 2 _ lbs. at up to 60 cpm and cpm.

When Fallas Automation introduced their R700 Adabot™ modular case packer at last year’s PACK EXPO, the buzz was about their ability to pick product on the fly and operate up to four robot cells using a single PacDrive™ automation controller – hence, “add” a ‘bot.

Increased capacity

This year, Fallas (PELV Booth C-1229) builds on their success with a range of new capabilities. For starters, the highly rigid carbon fiber robot arm can handle 5 lb. payloads at up to 40 cpm in addition to 2 1/2 lbs. at up to 60 cpm and

Delta 3 robot designs are limited to 1 kilo (2.2 lb.) payloads and shallow cases, especially at higher speeds. In contrast, the Adabot can load extra deep cases at speed without dropping product a long distance.

Material handling robots used as case packers provide a less favorable pick rate to footprint ratio compared to the Adabot.

Versatile handling for flexibles

A new, high durometer bellows material enhances the Adabot’s ability to handle difficult-to-grip bagged products. Combined with the new payloads, the Adabots are ideally suited for club store sized food, confection and snack multipacks – but are just as efficient handling small portion packs. Also ideal for food applications is available stainless steel, washdown construction.

Whether stand-alone or performing progressive fill in multiple Adabot installations, it’s easy for operators to build pack patterns, tier by tier, right at the user interface. Patterns are then saved as recipes for fast changeovers.

The Adabot’s robotic arm also provides the flexibility to pick uncollated product at high speeds, rotate them and place them anywhere in the case, including A, B and U patterns.

About Fallas Automation

After working for years at one of the world's largest food processors, David Fallas saw ways to improve upon the machines he was obliged to purchase. His goal? To build machines an engineer like himself could feel good about. Ones that could adapt to years of change, withstand three-shift abuse and keep on running when others have failed. Today, Fallas Automation remains the only case packer manufacturer started by an engineer who originally worked on the customer's side of the business.

About ELAU

ELAU equips over $1 billion worth of the world’s best machines annually, with over 50,000 PacDrive systems already deployed in packaging machinery worldwide.

Now ELAU invites the worldwide packaging community to take modularity to the next level with our new PacDrive™ Intelligent Servo Modules.

Far more than just distributing the servo drive out onto the motor, our servo modules enable plug-and-play modularity, literally plugging machine modules into or out of the packaging system to change functionalities, formats and capacities.

By vastly streamlining the networks, cabling, interconnects and electrical hardware, Intelligent Servo Modules smaller, simpler, more maintainable and reconfigurable.

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