Weber Marking Systems, Inc.: Model 5100 Series Twin-Tamp Label Printer-Applicator

Weber’s Model 5100 Twin-Tamp label printer-applicator combines a high-performace thermal/thermal-transfer label printer with a specially configured applicator to satisfy the printing and two-label, adjacent-panel application of carton labels in line.

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Designed, engineered and built exclusively by Weber, the Twin-Tamp system is available with a choice of print engines, including 203- or 300-dpi units from manufacturers like Zebra, Sato and Datamax. Label sizes range from 2.0"" wide and 1.0"" long to 6.0"" wide and 4.0"" long. Each system can produce variable-sized text, bar codes and graphic images at speeds programmable up to 12.0"" per second.

After a label is printed, it is automatically peeled from its liner and retained by vacuum on a non-contact, tamp-blow applicator pad. The tamp pad is mounted on a 90-degree rotary swing arm that reaches across a conveyor and blows the label to the front panel of the moving carton. Upon its return, a second label is printed and a separate straight-line stroke applies that label to the side of the carton to complete the cycle. Depending on label size, the system can maintain up to 40 cycles per minute at a placement accuracy of ±0.03"".

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