Label-Aire: Label-Aire 3038 Printer Applicator with Stepper Tamp shown labeling products of rando

The Model 3038 with Stepper Tamp can print and apply labels to products of random sizes on the same conveyor line eliminating time-consuming positioning adjustments!

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The NEW Model 3038 Printer Applicator with Stepper Tamp gives you the

ability to print and label products of random sizes allowing you to mix

various products on the same conveyor line reducing downtime. This labeler

has all of the original 3038's features such as enhanced two-line digital

display with full error messaging, user programmable PLC outputs, standard

velocity compensation with optional encoder which results in accurate label

placement through changes in product velocity, and multi-page memory (for

saving setup parameters). All these handy features greatly simplify setup

and changeovers. The 3038's tough corrosion resistant, stainless steel and

anodized aluminum construction provides durability and maintenance-free

operation for the most demanding applications.

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