DreamPak: Forming for unique packages of cheese, neutraceuticals, and snacks

Packaging material is fed from two unwind stands at floor level. Dancer bars help feed the material freely. Before any forming or filling can take place, the two webs must first travel to an overhead level.

Face to face, they’re drawn down into a preheat station and then into a set of sealing molds that heat seal the facing webs together along the bottom and sides of the web. Immediately after, the material enters a set of multicavity forming molds. Compressed air is blown through channels between the webs to force the material out

into the cavities, thus creating the unique shapes.

The TR86 Unifill vertical thermoform/fill/seal machine forms shaped cavities by blowing compressed air between opposing film webs, fills the cavities with liquid product, and then heat seals the two webs together.

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