Krones, Inc.: Krones VKP-PET Filler for CSD

Happyland Company, Moscow, Russia 0.5 L, 1.5 L, and 0.48 L PET bottles; 300 cpm PET line Krones 2-channel Variojet rinser is BLOC-synchronized with fill-to-level VKP-PET filler.

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The 2-channel Krones Variojet rinser rinses, blows out, or sterilizes bottles. During treatment, the bottles are neck-held, inverted, and the nozzle sprays the required media(s). After treatment, the bottle is returned to its original position. Depending on production requirements, a wide range of media options is available for the rinsing process. Mechanical or electro-pneumatic variants are available.

The user-friendly Krones Mecafill VKP-PET short-tube, single chamber, counterpressure filling system is capable of handling several products – water, CSD, beer – depending on production requirements. Krones VKP-PET electro-pneumatic filling system combines the dependable function of a mechanical valve with the flexibility of a pneumatic valve and control system. Time-controlled filling parameters – from evacuation, to pressurization, to filling, to valve shut-off, to snifting can be programmed and changed depending on product and container. And, these parameters may be adjusted during operation. The length of the quick change, snap-in vent tubes, determines the fill level. Several variations of this filler are available to meet your production requirements.

The neck-handling system in the filler guarantees gentle treatment of PET bottles and provides multiple bottle size capabilities without the use of lift cylinders.

The BLOC configuration provides several advantages. No air conveyors or blowers are required. Therefore, bottle contamination is reduced. The BLOC-synchronization of the rinser and the filler also reduces production costs by reducing startup losses and ensuring shorter changeover times.

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