Palletizing robot

PalletWorld® is a modular solution from Motoman designed to provide high-throughput robotic palletizing for a majority of palletizing applications.

PalletWorlds feature application-specific Motoman EPL-series “Expert Palletizing” robots and the advanced NX100 controller. Pre-engineered modules are integrated with the robot to achieve the desired functionality and throughput. Modules include standard vacuum, mechanical and clam-shell type grippers that can accommodate a complete range of bags, cases or irregular shapes, as well as infeed conveyors, pallet locators, pallet racks, pallet outfeed conveyors, etc. These flexible add-on modules allow for customizing or upgrading system capabilities. The NX100 controller has system-level control capabilities that eliminate the need for a separate programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI), simplifying programming and reducing overall system cost.
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