Screening system detects bacteria

The GreenLight™ series from MOCON provides same-day bacterial detection with a total viable count (TVC) or aerobic plate count (APC) of a food sample’s microbial load by using a sensing assay or vial.

The series significantly reduces the testing time and labor needed to determine aerobic bacterial counts in meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, etc.  As bacteria in the test sample multiply and respire, they consume oxygen.  The change in oxygen is used to calculate the original sample’s colony forming units/gram (cfu/g) for solids or units/milliliter for liquids.  Results can be obtained between minutes and eight hours. The series comes in 2 models—the 910 and 960.  The Model 910 is compact, easy to use and targets smaller labs and processing areas.  The Model 960 is designed for larger labs which require higher throughput. Made possible via MOCON’s investment in Luxcel Biosciences Limited (Luxcel), Cork, Ireland.
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