Rotary Counter-pressure Filler

Pneumatic Scale Angelus introduces the CB100C rotary counter-pressure filler featuring a 12-head rotary filling turret design, coupled with a dual-station seamer, to allow craft beverage producers to increase their throughput to more than 100 cans/min.

Pneumatic Scale

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“Our CB100C system uses the same isobarometric filling principles as our CB50C system,” said Mike Davis, Global Can Filling Product Line Leader for PSA. “But, the addition of the 12-head rotary filling turret also means that we’re able to move more cans smoothly through the line without creating any increase in product agitation as filling speeds increase. Ultimately, this allows us to eliminate unwanted reductions in carbonation levels seen with other filling methods.”

Counter-pressure technology allows craft beverage producers to fill highly carbonated beverages, in excess of 2.7 volumes of CO2. In isobarometric filling, the can being filled and the product going into the can are at equal pressure, maintaining carbonation solubility throughout the filling process.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus’ CB100C employs magnetic flowmeter technology to help brewers get a perfect fill with little waste, and an under-cover gas flush system keeps dissolved oxygen levels low. In addition, industry-leading double-seam technology keeps cans sealed tight, extending critical shelf life. The system is optimized for sleek and standard can bodies, and is designed with quick-change adjustments for easy changeovers accommodating various can heights and body diameters with no valve change required. A compact footprint and an intuitive HMI for individual fill-head volume adjustments simplify operation.

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