Multi-Conveyor: Side grip elevator conveyor

Multi-Conveyor offers the S-style, side grip elevator conveyor designed to transport filled, capped bottles of oil, to an over 7 ft elevation from infeed to discharge.

S-style, side grip elevator conveyor
S-style, side grip elevator conveyor

Machine is comprised of two parallel conveyors mounted side-by-side, with Neoprene gripper bulb chains facing one another. Grippers can elevate, lower, or buffer product in between infeed and discharge conveyors. Products as fragile as an egg are conveyed with complete control during the elevation, curve and transport process.

This video shows how hinged, polycarbonate personnel safety guards were mounted safely with easy access. A digital hand wheel can easily adjust and track the gripper width by job or product. The white link indicates where the base roller chain connecting point is located for disassembly or maintenance.

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