Polymer Packaging: Vf/f/s for stand-up pouch production

Polymer Packaging offers EZ Stand, a new technology that allows for production of bottom-gusset stand-up pouches, with or without zipper, on a vf/f/s machine with only minor modifications to the sealing jaws.

Polymer Packaging pre-applies the bottom gusset—and even a zipper if desired—to a printed film web to form conventional style, stand-up pouches on your existing, slightly modified equipment. Nearly any vf/f/s machine can be adapted to run EZ Stand. PPI will be your partner throughout the process in coordinating the necessary modifications to your equipment.

“The process offers better filling speeds than pre-made pouch filling lines,” said Chris Thomazin, President. “This new technology requires minor modifications to vf/f/s sealing jaws and requires minimal capital investment.”

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