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Nalbach Engineering: Filler

Nalbach Engineering offers the NECOFLO-G6 filler designed for clean, accurate, high-speed filling of expensive fine powders or granules such as instant coffee and soluble tea.

NECOFLO-G6 filler
NECOFLO-G6 filler

The NECOFLO-G6 valve uses controlled valve actuation to be gentle on the product with no compacting or degradation of the product’s integrity.

The NECOFLO-G6 container seal is designed with a long-life polymer material that accommodates a wide range of container height variation.

The NECOFLO-G6 vent system is a bi-flow, self-cleaning design, with a large area port size, significantly reducing the possibility of clogging and is easily accessible. The system vents into the fill head minimizing product loss and insuring system cleanliness.

The NECOFLO-G6 vibration system is a recipe driven system that provides multiple, independently controlled, vibration zones to insure optimal product settling for each container/product.

The NECOFLO-G6 incorporates a “Lift Table” for each container eliminating pressures and stresses on the container as it moves through the filling

The NECOFLO-G6 incorporates a closed loop gas containment system providing the most efficient modified atmosphere packaging (or MAP) system of any filler on the market today.

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