Eagle Product: X-ray inspection machine

Eagle Product Inspection launches the EPX100 x-ray machine designed to detect and automatically reject contaminants, including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stones, some plastic and rubber compounds and more.

EPX100 x-ray machine
EPX100 x-ray machine

With the accompanying SimulTask™ 5 image processing software – Eagle’s latest software advancement – provides greater operational visibility, with an intuitive interface.

“Our experts designed this system as a mainstream tool that is safe, simple to use and smart for small and mid-sized operators as well as global companies who want to standardize their detection solutions across a variety of products,” says Carlos Roque, Head of Sales and Service Latin America for Eagle Product Inspection. “At a critical control point of the process, the EPX100 can be deployed quickly, efficiently and easily and in a cost-effective way as manufacturers safeguard their products and brands.”

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