Piab: Ergonomic lifters

Piab's ergonomic Vaculex® lifters offer semi-automated handling solutions that take the strain off staff at e-commerce order fulfilment centers, distribution centers, and parcel carrier terminals.


The flexible and adaptable vacuum lifters enable workers to handle parcels effortlessly, reducing the risks associated with manual handling, such as pain and injuries to the spine, back or shoulders, and repetitive strain injuries.

Growing at annual rates of around 20 percent, retail e-commerce sales are projected to make up nearly 15 percent of the total worldwide retail spending in 2020, a share valued at around $4 trillion. Such forecasts involve many millions of e-customer parcels of varying size, shape, and weight. Often loose loaded in trucks, trailers, containers, or air cargo compartments, the parcels may have to be picked up and sorted into cages or onto pallets several times before reaching their final destinations.

”It is with great pleasure that we support the logistics and distribution sector's efforts to reduce the risks associated with manual handling. Piab's flexible solutions will solve the majority of applications within a facility, from loading and unloading to re-boxing and returns,” says David Collins, Vice President of Piab's Ergonomic Handling Division.

Enabling efficiency improvements, Vaculex® lifters raise the productivity of logistics chains by guaranteeing a good flow in handling procedures, while simultaneously limiting parcel damage that might impact on retail customer satisfaction. The ergonomic lifters can be fitted to either ends of light-weight telescopic conveyors, offered as optional accessories. Vaculex® also offers unique and flexible solutions where ceiling height, narrow and confined areas with limited working space may be an issue.

A complete range of spare parts and accessories, such as a remote control, a noise reducing hood, and an energy-saving system for automatic pump turn-off during inactivity, coupled with after-sales support and maintenance, enable customers to rest assured that they will be working with ease before, during, and after purchasing a Vaculex® ergonomic lifting solution from Piab.

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