Sitma: Wrapping machine for frozen foods

The Sitma 8002 is designed to wrap pizzas and other frozen foods, with speeds up to 9,000 products/hr. It can be equipped with a stainless steel shrinking tunnel and is fitted with an opening shrink tunnel designed that enables easier cleaning and maintenance operations, and with an independent control panel, to simplify the setup of the different parameters.

Sitma 8002
Sitma 8002

The feeding system consists of a sequence of conveyor belts that receive the products from the freezer and allow them to be ordered in a regular manner to be prepared for the wrapping stage. Thanks to the synchronization logic between the feeding and the wrapping speed, it’s possible to avoid contacts and overlap between products, with a steady rhythm that allows for the optimization of production capacity.

The overwrapping and secondary packaging stages have also been carefully studied, given the strong correlation between these and the communication strategies of the client’s brand, the shelf placement and the material saving. The primary packaging line Sitma 8002 can be connected to a pizza cartoning machine and, after that, an end-of-line system for the stacking of cartons and the packaging of the piles.

Compared to the previous series, one of the main innovations in Sitma 8002 is the option of wrapping pizzas directly inside a special multilayer film, getting rid of the cartoning stage, thanks to a special air welder. Another innovative feature that makes Sitma 8002 truly unique is the option of welding in a lateral position, which enables the packaging surface to be kept clean and easily readable, to allow for better branding and communication. Thanks to this system, the weight and volume of the packaging can also be reduced, which can lead to significant savings for the end customer. This is because such characteristics enable the streamlining of the product’s distribution and storage throughout the supply chain. Finally, the end user can also benefit in all phases from transportation to freezer storage, up to the packaging disposal stage.

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