Volpak: Horizontal pouching machine

The SI-440 horizontal pouching machine from Volpak adapts to various needs: from projects requiring a large production of small and medium-sized formats (from ¼ liter with production up to 200/spm), to projects that require large format packaging (up to 2 liters, liquid, or solid products).

SI-440 horizontal pouching machine
SI-440 horizontal pouching machine

The SI-440 is the result of the company's intense R&D work and incorporates multiple innovations in electronics, controls, etc., aiming to be one of the most flexible and versatile horizontal machines in the packaging market today.

Among the multiple applications for which the new SI-440 model can be used, the cereal market is especially noteworthy, since it is probably the greatest exponent of innovation and modernization in the packaging market. The zip-close stand-up packaging is the one that best adapts to market tendencies, since it perfectly meets the expectations of both manufacturer and consumer.

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