Mettler Toledo: Versatile checkweigher

The new Mettler Toledo C31 Checkweighing System delivers throughput of up to 200 packages/min., a weighing range of from 20 g to 6 kg, and extremely accurate weighing.

Versatile checkweigher
Versatile checkweigher

This dependable accuracy fits the C31 for use in a wide range of industrial production situations where it can provide 100% reliable weight control. A range of optional conveyors and handling features, including guiderails to ensure smooth product handling, provides for the optimal transport of open products such as jars, trays and cans. The system is operated from a 7-in. multilingual touchscreen positioned in front of the conveyor for maximum accessibility and operator safety.

Simple and easy to operate, and with features and configurations for a broad range of applications, the C31 provides positive ROI through increased efficiency, lower production costs, and reliable service, enabling users to Inspect 100 per cent of product, segregate non-conforming packages and collect production data using one of two optional Weight Data Interfaces.

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