Garvey Corp.: Patented accumulation loop

See it at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth #C-3809! Garvey Corp. will introduce a new version of their patented continuous Infinity Accumulation Loop.

Infinity Accumulation Loop
Infinity Accumulation Loop

This new version integrates two Ryson Mass Flow Spiral Conveyors with the Garvey Infinity Loop and enables the use of available vertical space to increase system capacity within a small footprint. The Garvey Infinity uses patented technology to accumulate and single file even the most unstable of products at speeds that are said to be unmatched in the industry. Products are handled with no back pressure, no breakage, no label damage, and minimal noise. The Ryson Mass Flow Spirals can handle full or empty bottles, cans, jars, or other types of containers. Products in the spirals are conveyed up and down in a single file or in a continuous mass flow. These spirals utilize the proven modular Ryson high-capacity spiral technology designed for reliability, low maintenance, and long life.

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