Hayssen: V/f/f/s bagger

Hayssen recently introduced the DoyZip 380, an innovative v/f/f/s bagger with a multitude of features and options, providing customers with simple solutions to complex problems.

V/f/f/s bagger
V/f/f/s bagger

Responding to the need for versatility in the marketplace, the DoyZip 380 can produce the complete range of bag formats (pillow, gusseted, block-bottom, quad four-corner seal, three-side seal and Doy), including the largest Doy bags available, with a height of 380 mm.

In addition, the DoyZip 380 enhances efficiency with high-speed intermittent-motion technology and precision film control that can handle PE and laminate multilayer films. The icon-based interface with a color touchscreen and remote-control capability make operating this bagger intuitive and easy, and the DoyZip 380’s quick changeovers improve productivity.

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