INV Pack: Volumetric stick-pack filling

INV Pack, powered by Pro Mach, offers PH series stick-pack machines that can package pharmaceutical or nutraceutical powders at up to 1,000 stick packs/min. with + 0.05 gram/ pack accuracy.

Volumetric stick-pack filling
Volumetric stick-pack filling

The new servo controlled feedback system for high speed stick-pack packaging of pharmaceutical or nutraceutical powders operates at speeds ranging from 300 to 1,000 stick packs/min., with a level of control that improves the quality of each stick-pack dose and minimizes product waste for greater profitability.

The new quality assurance system available on INV Pack PH Series 600 and 900 multilane machines is based on feedback loops between checkweighers embedded in each stick-pack lane and servo controlled augers feeding the powder into the lanes. This system solves the weight assurance problems typically found with volumetric filling of powders where changes in humidity lead to changes in weight. In small packs, these fluctuations can have a profoundly negative effect on the accuracy and quality of the dose of pharmaceutical or nutraceutical powder. Inaccuracy also lowers profitability through product giveback.

The INV Pack PH Series of machines form, fill, and seal stick packs for powders,granulates, liquids, and pastyproducts for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dairy, food, and cosmetics industries. PH Series machines feature a closed frame for clean operation.

Stick-pack widths vary from a minimum width of 17 mm to a maximum of 100 mm on the PH 600 and from 17 mm to 45 mm on the PH 900. Maximum output on the PH 600 is 750 units per minute from 15 lanes and 1,000 units/min. on 20 lanes for the PH 900. Quality laser printing and pack scoring are available on both machines.

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