KHS: Buffered conveying

With its integrated buffer system, the newly developed KHS InnoDry Block permits accumulation-free, gentle pack conveying without the side guides otherwise required.

Buffered conveying
Buffered conveying

This does away with the need for adjustment during format changeovers. When two or more single machines can be compiled to form a compact block system, operators gain numerous advantages.

The KHS InnoDry Block combines a packaging machine with a palletizer and has a handle dispenser integrated into the packer. This setup is made possible by especially flexible buffer areas and the use of a highly dynamic handling system for layer formation which is being used in the blocked machine concept for the first time. Shorter conveying segments and, as a result, a considerable reduction in maintenance effort speak for the compact block. Format changeover times are also shorter as side guides are no longer needed on the conveying segment.

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