Fogg: Filler for glass and PET bottles

Fogg Filler introduces its first F12 filler with all the latest upgrades; model offers a 12-ft forged ring filling bowl with 56-120 filling valves and 14-30 capping heads, filling at speeds up to 1200 bottles/min. for a single serve bottle.

Filler for glass and PET bottles
Filler for glass and PET bottles

This versatile machine has the ability to fill both glass and PET bottles ranging in sizes from .5 to 5 liters. The filler is coupled with a Fogg bottle rinser. A new feature for the F12 is the dual trough system which allows versatility for multiple product paths and faster product evacuation. It includes two nozzles allowing users to evacuate product and complete CIP cycles in record time. A strategically designed window allows operators to easily see product levels.

The new doors featured on this filler have stainless steel frames with no penetrations in the poly carbonate to eliminate door cracking. The rinser, filler, and capper all ship separately, making moving this massive machine much easier and safer.

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