Weighpack: Easy-to-clean bagger

Engineered to be easy to service, faster to clean, and reliable, the Swifty Bagger 3600 is capable of running a wide variety of pre-made bags, such as: stand-up, gusset, flat bottom, bags with carry handles, and pouches with zipper closures.

Easy-to-clean bagger
Easy-to-clean bagger

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 bags/min., the Swifty 3600 is equipped with a new horizontal infeed conveyor design that includes an easy-to-load bag magazine ensure pouches enter the machine consistently and square each and every time. Its unique straight flow design makes parts easily accessible unlike cluttered rotary bagging machines. Operators can see the entire filling process without the blind spots associated with rotary technology.

Standard features include easy-load bag feeder, photo sensor for bag opening detection and Allen Bradley PLC touchscreen. Designed for food safety, product will never touch heavy duty mechanics, because all cams are located in the back of the bagger.

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