National Bulk Equipment: Sanitary-specific bag dump station

Sanitary-specific bag dump station is designed and built to be compliance-ready at start-up and to ensure optimal compliance contribution (OCC) during operation and cleaning in even the most stringent sanitary applications.

Bag dump station
Bag dump station

The construction of this NBE sanitary bag dump station meets the FDA, cGMP definition for product safety and cleanability according to 21CFR110.40, with design features including: a single-sheet, hopper-and-hood design formed of 304-2b stainless steel, eliminating joint flanges where material build-up can occur; quick disconnects for utilities, tool-less grate and filter removal, and single-step re-assembly to speed inspection and return to service; 32 Ra finish on all internal and external welds to resist material accumulation and improve product release; and a food-grade, MERV 11 efficiency (ASHRAE 52.2) filtration system to protect personnel and facilities from migrant dust release. A large, 42-in. operator access area promotes proper operator interaction posture.

The sanitary-specific design of this NBE bag dump station provides a higher OCC than re-purposed, general-industry bag dump station designs, by reducing the process material’s exposure to contaminants, meeting or reducing cleaning time targets, facilitating validation and inspection, and ensuring compatibility with sanitary facility design principles.

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