MGS Machine: Rotary pick n’ place with washdown capabilities

MGS has modified its standard RPP Rotary Pick ‘n Place system with a specialized lidding machine with washdown capabilities; the custom machine uses a timing screw to allow for better tub control and higher speeds.

Rotary pick n’ place with washdown capabilities
Rotary pick n’ place with washdown capabilities

A customer needed the ability to load more sleeves of lids into the machine to allow for longer run times. To achieve this, an extended capacity magazine was added. A vacuum cup picks lids from the magazine, while a top compression roller seals the lid to the tub.

The RPP is a high-speed, highly efficient solution perfect for companies in the food-packaging industry. The RPP is ideal for placing, collating, or batch-counting literature, pouches, lids or other stackable items. It effectively handles product at speeds up to 600 cycles/min., positively placing them into the target destination. In addition, tool-less changeover and easy-to-use controls mean less downtime, while easily integrating with other OEM equipment.

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