Cerulean: Optical carton tester

The new ergonomically designed optical carton crease tester (OCT) fits comfortably in the hand and operates like a computer mouse.

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Optical carton tester
Optical carton tester

It uses a full HD camera to measure and record dimensions, angles, and symmetry of carton crease, bead and formed box. It quickly assesses the multi-layer construction of all types of printed or non-printed carton board, paperboard and waxed carton product.

The company will also be exhibiting its laboratory carton tester (LCT) at the show – the only product available that tests a whole carton up to 530mm.

The LCT measures crease strength and box-forming force for every degree of deflection. It also measures slip resistance and friction properties to eliminate carton sticking and feeding problems during high speed packing.

A portable (PCT) version is also available for tests between sites.

The Cerulean carton crease testers come pre-programmed with analysis and reporting software to provide easy comparison between sites, batches and carton types. They help ensure consistency of supply for carton manufacturers – reducing waste and returns.

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