Adept Technology, Inc: Feeder

The Adept FlexiBowl(R) 350 is an innovative feed solution for use with any Adept robot and vision system.

Flexibowl 350
Flexibowl 350

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The feeder is designed to handle a wide array of loose small parts including parts of different shapes and materials. The FlexiBowl is capable of carefully and quickly feeding parts that are tangled, made of different materials, parts that are fragile cylindrical, or even oiled.

Unlike traditional vibratory feeders, which must be manually reset for each new part, the FlexiBowl combined with an Adept vision system can continuously accept and feed new parts significantly speeding product changeover.

Utilizing a direct-drive motor, the Adept FlexiBowl operates reliably and quietly and is extremely easy to operate. Its circular band tracking permits the removal of parts during movement delivering higher throughput and its unique design delivers a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional vibration feeders.

Product Features:
• Direct drive
• Serial interface connections
• Encoder Latching
• Infra-red backlighting
• Status LED
• Interchangeable Conveying Surface
• Small Footprint

Product Benefits:
• Simple and robust construction
• Easy maintenance and cleaning
• Extremely low noise
• Quick and smooth installation

Handles Variety of Parts:
• Parts with cylindrical shapes
• Rubber and Silicone
• Lubricated Parts
• Fragile parts
• Tangled parts
• Throughput: 30 - 60 parts / minute
• Fast part exchange
• Circle strip tracking, high throughput

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