Global Vision: Cloud-based inspection app

For only $1 per inspection, QCanywhere from Global Vision inspects documents, artwork, and print using a cloud-based business app to provide quality control and protect brand integrity.

The QCanywhere cloud-based business application bundle, Qcapps, is simple to access from any device. These apps enable businesses to inspect documents regardless of geographic location. Reports can be generated and shared by e-mail to collaborate on quality and dramatically reduce approval cycles and time-to-market.

QCapps include:  QCtext – compares documents; QCartwork – compares artwork files; QCspell – spell check PDFs; QCbraille –translates braille; QCprint – inspects printed materials; QCbarcode – inspects and grades barcodes.

QCanywhere allows users to review reports anywhere using a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  No installation required.  To start a free 7-day trial, visit


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