Campbell Wrapper Corporation: Horizontal flow wrapper for food

Designed for bakery, confectionary, dairy, frozen foods, sandwiches, and more, Campbell’s sanitary, wash-down Revolution Wrapper is a horizontal flow wrapper capable of handling polypropylene, cellophane, poly-coated paper, laminates, high-density polyethylene, polyethylene, and shrink or PVC film, and achieves speeds from 100 to 600 packages/min.

Pw 51726 Campbell Revolution

The Revolution Wrapper features a sanitary modular design with a cantilevered tube forming section that allows debris to fall away from internal drive components and frame supports mounted on 45 degree angles.

All machine parts in contact with the products consist of stainless steel, hard coat anodized aluminum, and USDA approved materials. The infeed conveyor features a stainless steel chain with offset stainless steel lugs and hinged top plates to provide easy access for cleaning and sanitation. The rugged stainless steel frame construction and timing belt drive components yield for machine durability and smooth, maintenance-free operation.

The full servo driven Revolution uses an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Kinetix servo amplifiers, AB MPF wash-down servo motors, and a PanelView touchscreen operator interface with Ethernet.

Options include automatic film splicing, out of position product/no cut, no product-no package, high product detector, and slack web detector. The Revolution wrapper can be integrated with automatic feeders, code daters, cartoners, or other equipment.

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