SWECO: Bag dump dust collection system

The Sanitary Bag Dump with Integral Dust Collector from SWECO, a business unit of M-I L.L.C., significantly reduces worker exposure to dust by providing substantial vacuum below the bag dump screen rather than above.

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The Bag Dump Dust Collection System is designed to work exclusively with the SWECO Bag Dumper.  The system’s vacuum pulls dust down and away from the operator, greatly improving airborne particulate flow into the collection system’s filters.

The system not only improves work place air quality, but also improves housekeeping, and reduces potential health risks because it is designed to be ergonomically correct at the standard height of the worker.

The combined system incorporates several sanitary features that enable it to be used in the food and baking industry where the dust collector and plenum need to be cleaned between batches.  These sanitary features are also desirable for the pigment industry to prevent batch-to-batch contamination.  The product is offered in 18-, 24-, and 30-in. versions.


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