Simplimatic: Cap feeder for lighter-weight caps

Designed to accommodate lightweight PCO 1880 bottle caps, the new Simplimatic Cap Feeder Model 1900 incorporates new features that reduce or eliminate the need for change parts, allow simple modification of the hopper size in the field, and eliminate reliance on factory-compressed air, to save time and money.

Pw 48078 Simplimatic Cap Feeder 1

The new machine runs different cap sizes of similar styles on the same machine without the need for belt, cleat, or hopper modification parts in most cases. It can be adjusted while the machine is running, shortening the changeover time from 16 to 20 hours, which older cap feeders need for retrofits, to as little as 15 minutes.

Customers can expand hopper capacity from 20 cu. ft. to 30 or 40 cu. ft. without the need for special tools or the expertise of factory technicians.

The equipment’s rate is based on the largest cap size. Based on a 28 mm beverage cap, for example, the cap feeder can achieve speeds of up to 1,800 cpm. Using an internally-generated air supply from a concealed blower system, the cap feeder eliminates the need for factory-compressed air in the cap escapement process.

Other standard features include:  stainless-steel washdown construction; Lexan bin and elevator covers; hopper baffle adjustment lever; stainless-steel adjustable footpads; stainless-steel air piping manifolds; left or right-hand discharge.

Options include HEPA air filtration, an ionized air de-dusting device, 30 and 40-cu.ft. bin sizes, a stack light system, and a jam detect system.


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